Recognizing Scams & Fraud


Although we believe people are generally honest and have good intentions, it is important to be mindful of fraudulent activity.

Timeshare Giant is dedicated to providing a safe environment to transact in. However, everyone must take part in remaining safe by taking the appropriate measures to educate themselves on scams and fraud, in order to ensure themselves safety on an individual level.

Here are some pointers to help you be aware of internet scams and fraudulent activity:

Never share your financial information, i.e., Social Security Number, Bank Information, etc..
Never, ever give out sensitive, personal information (including usernames and/or passwords) in response to an e-mail or website query unless you are absolutely sure that you are dealing with the person or company you believe they are.
Be wary if the seller only accepts wire transfers or cash. (i.e., wire transfers, bank transfers, checks, moneygrams, etc).
Fake cashier checks & money orders are common, and banks will cash them and then hold you responsible when the fake is discovered weeks later. If you conduct your transaction with a Cashier's Check or Money Order,
Inspect the cashier's check.
Ensure the amount of the check matches in figures and words.
Check to see that the account number is not shiny in appearance.
Be watchful that the drawer's signature is not traced.
Official checks are generally perforated on at least one side.
Inspect the check for additions, deletions, or other alterations.
Contact the financial institution on which the check was drawn to ensure legitimacy.
Obtain the bank's telephone number from a reliable source, not from the check itself.
Be cautious when dealing with individuals outside of your own country.
Whenever possible, deal with folks you can meet in person.
Find a detailed list of scams and schemes at the FBI's website

We recommend using PayPal for the exchange of money involving online transactions. Click here for more information on getting an account set up on PayPal:

How To Report A Scam:
FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)
FTC online complaint form (
Internet Fraud Complaint Center (
Non-emergency number for your local police department.
If you have reason to believe that a property ad or inquirer may be acting fraudulently, please email the details to Be sure to include the Listing I.D. Number or URL of the listing, and any other pertinent information in your message.

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