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With over 30 years of Timeshare experience, and 20 years as a specialist in timeshare sales and marketing, our President, Karen Phelan, founded Timeshare Giant.
With thousands of timeshares sold, Timeshare Giant is a culmination of Phelan's three decades of experience in the timeshare industry. Designed as a user-friendly web environment, in which buyers and sellers can come together, to negotiate and transact securely.

Timeshare Giant is a worldwide timeshare marketplace, in which timeshare owners can legitimately list their timeshare for sale without paying a commission, or involve a real estate agent. However, should a timeshare owner wish to enlist the services of a professional, licensed real estate broker who specializes in timeshare resales, Timeshare Giant may be able to refer you to a reputable licensed real estate agent that can help.

Buyers and Sellers can negotiate their transactions in a secure, encrypted web environment, even protecting their identities, with Timeshare Giant.

Timeshare Sellers have full control of their advertisements, right down to pricing, through their personal Control Panel on TimeshareGiant.com. Each Timeshare is showcased globally, on a full-page advertisement, hand-crafted by our timeshare marketing professionals.

Our clients are always treated with honesty, integrity, and fairness. We are trusted by trade organizations throughout the timeshare industry, and beyond.

Timeshare Buyers are looking for the best deal possible. They're typically educated on the timeshare concept, whether through a developer presentation, through already owning timeshares, or through family and friends. They're aware of the savings they can enjoy over developer pricing, by making their purchases through the open timeshare resale market. Savings can often be upwards of 60-70% from 'retail' developer presentation pricing.

Timeshare Sellers have enjoyed owning their timeshares: The American Resort Development Association statistics indicate that 83% of timeshare owners are satisfied with their ownership. Even with a high satisfaction rating, there are many reasons, typically personal in nature, that create the need for timeshare owners to sell.

What is the difference between open market pricing, and developer presentation pricing?

The Open Market (also known as the resale market), is very different than developer presentation pricing. Timeshare developers price their inventory higher than the resale market, due to high marketing and sales overhead costs. The open market is driven purely by supply and demand, willing buyer/willing seller. Therefore, the open market never lies. In a Low Supply/High Demand situation, the open market brings higher and more stabilized pricing. In a High Supply/Low Demand situation, open market pricing softens.

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